Hi there.  I'm Deep Thought.

I like websites and calculators.


Designs from scratch. Each project starts with a blank slate, a blank file, so the finished product is guaranteed to be unique. Always responsive, always compatible, always borderline obsessively compliant, but also always unique.


Code. Lots of code. I come from a game design background, and that's carried over heavily into web work. I'm a coder who loves to mess with the internals, from maintenance to API provision. Intuitivity is important, and so are semantics.

Integrated Webapps

Nothing beats the portability and convenience of an application anyone can use anywhere without downloading anything. As we take more of our lives online, an online interface is going to be more and more important to potential users. Webapps are powerful tools when they are designed and developed into one solid package.

Try me. I'm an active webapp creator who's built multiple complete content-management systems designed to be intuitive and developed to be efficient. A front-end and back-end that work together seamlessly—because they were built together from the ground up. One project, one purpose, and one complete, compact web application that does everything you need it to do. That's what I do best. ■


I'm a … calculator? No, but I do own a graphing calculator. (Or five.) My first experience in programming came from making calculator games, and I'm still deep in it. Why? It's just so much fun!

Curious? Check out the main site at ClrHome for more information and a listing of what I and others have made. Yes, calculators. ■



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